Thursday, January 14, 2010

More fun with the Hales!

Here are a few more photos of our time with the Hales - Cheers to Snowy and Di for some of the photos.

Jezza hard at work on the lawns:

A couple more photos of snorkelling the wrecks at Tangalooma:

A natural musician?

One day we drove up North to Mooloolaba to meet up with Dave's brother Ian, his wife Sharon and their children - Alana, Holly and Joshua.
We went to Underwaterworld a fantastic aquarium.
Jeremy enjoyed the otters:

Alana and Josh:

Alana, Dave, Holly, Jeremy, Snowy, Di, Joshua, Ian and Sharon:

Admiring the Stingrays:

A good photo op:

One day we all hit Dreamworld together - something Dave has been going on about for a while as I've never been to a theme park in my life (don't spose Fantasyland counts, does it Foo?!)

An oldie but a goodie - The log ride:

Dave and friend:

Messing around:

Jeremy and Di having fun in the tea-cup ride:

The Big Red Car!!! This is the only ride Darren went on all day. It was a bit scary.

Tiger Island was very impressive - they do a few shows each day:

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