Thursday, January 14, 2010

Catching up with the Hales...

So we left Leroy and Noosa to head on down to Brisbane to catch up with Snowy, Di and Jezza, for what turned out to be a fun 2 and a half weeks.

We arrived to find both Daz and Di at work and little Jeremy in the care of his Nan and Pop, running around with no pants on having a ball:

The next day saw even less clothes (well, it was hot!)

Dave and I headed into the city one day and checked out the nice pool by the river:

And we spent a lot of time hanging with Jez who is the coolest kid I think either of us has ever met! (Testament to his parents, I think)

One day we took the boat out to Moreton Island - a pretty bumpy trip on the day we chose! We headed to the wrecks which have been purposefully put there for the snorkellers. Lots of fish to be seen!

Snowy and Di:

After the snorkelling we moored up nearby and Di convinced us to climb up the HUGE sand dune. This was extremely steep and very hard-going but the view wasn't half bad.
You can see D & D's boat in the water and Darren and Jezza walking in to the shore:
Halfway: wrecks in the background:

Towards the top the sand was blisteringly hot so we had no choice but to sprint the last part - not an easy task given how steep it was! Here you can see Di struggling up on hands and feet and me even further behind her:

The downhill journey was much easier and we joined back up with Darren and Jez and headed to Tangalooma Bay where we moored up for a bit of a swim and play in the sand. And a cold beer or two:

Great trip overall and we even spotted an enormous turtle in the water!
On another trip we went on a drive to the glasshouse mountains (rather misty) and stopped for a picnic lunch and some fun on the play equipment (never too old for the merry-go-round or swing!!!)

It was a long day and at the end, it wasn't just Jezza who was tuckered out!
(Sorry Di, but I just love this photo!)

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