Saturday, February 28, 2009

Day 1 to Day 5: Sydney to Bellbrae

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After waiting for the van to be serviced to tip-top condition, we left Heathcote on Wednesday arvo and headed down the coast to spend the night at Vincentia with Albert and Sylvia. I had a bit of a driving session with Dave as its been a while since a) I've driven at all, b) I've driven a manual and c)I've driven a van (actually thats never!) .... so a few bunnyhops later I was feeling a bit more confident (but have yet to actually drive any of our journey!!!)

After almost breaking my hand getting into the van leaving Vincentia (looks like I'd do anything to get out of driving!) we headed down to Moruya to visit Adam, Caroline, Byron, Cody and Freya. Many beers / wine / bourbon / scotch / port later we managed to make it to bed at about 5am - big apologies to Caz for keeping you up all night with our hooliganism!!!

Leaving Moruya - 7am - sleepy!

We spent the next day in Moruya getting all our last bits and pieces ready and then headed off Fri morning for the looooong drive down to Bellbrae (near Torquay, South of Geelong) to meet up with Matt, Kaz and beautiful Will. Dave put in a good effort driving for a good 12 hrs with a few stops along the way. It got quite smokey as we were driving around this area but luckily all the roads were open and we didn't see any actual fires. It was quite warm though - mid thirties so we were very grateful of the supurb air conditioning!

Its been just awesome to catch up with Matt and Kaz - its been a year since we last saw them and Will has grown up so much since we saw him at 6 months old. We had a good explore of some of the coast / beaches around their area and even bought some much needed rain with us!!! It was great to spend Ness's big 29th birthday with friends as well.

Will's new ambulance provided good times - "bus!"

So while our trip has begun, is been a bit of a soft start as we've managed to sleep in other peoples bed and eat their food - tonight we head off on our own and we will finally get to "break in" the bed in the van (so there Jase!!)
We look forward to our explorations even though feeling a little more apprehensive after peoples stories about crocs and snakes (thanks Uncle John) and warnings about not leaving cars unattended and sleeping in campsites with curfews where they lock you in to protect you from the "friendly" locals (thanks Ads!).
Til next time!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Getting Ready...

Well, we've bought the van - known by its previous owners as "Space Pig" - thanks to Mark for allowing us to take her off your hands!
We've begun sorting out our stuff - beg, borrowing and stealing things (thanks Sylvia!) and we look to head off next Wednesday.
We plan to head down the coast to Adam and Caroline's in Moruya then straight to the Dono's in Torquay just south of Melbourne. Then its time to head West into the unknown - stay tuned for our adventures!