Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Adventures in Perth...

Well, it has been a very long time since the last blog update - for those of you unaware, we had our house broken into a couple of months back and with our camera and laptop stolen, it made it a little hard to keep things updated.

BUT - Huge thanks go out to our best man Marshy, who obviously missed the blog so much that he sent a a replacement laptop to use on the rest of our journey... so greatly appreciated mate and hopefully we will not disappoint.

We've managed to get together a few photos from friends showing some of our activities from our time in Perth - can't believe it has been 3 months already!! So here are a few bits n pieces - too much to write about in detail!


We headed back to Dwellingup, South East of Perth for a return visit with our friends Bec and Adam from work. We only stayed one night but enjoyed showing off a little piece of the paradise we had discovered.

Ads tried his hand at fishing but only managed to catch a "log-fish":

We hung out, ate lots, relaxed and enjoyed a nice warm camp fire!

Buena Vista Social Club

I know one of Dave's highlights was getting to hang with some of the crew from the Buena Vista Social Club (on his birthday no less!). Thanks to Maxie for inviting us round to hang with the Grandfathers of Cuban Music - and here's the photo to prove it!

Rottnest Island
We were hoping to make it to Rottnest before we left Perth. Its a small island just off the coast at Fremantle - about a 30 minute boat ride. We headed over for a one night stay on a gloriously sunny Tuesday morning with Jenna, Jen and Dave from work. Its a great place - no cars so everyone gets around by bicycle!

Lots of blue skies to be had!

Rottnest is also home of the Quokka - a small animal, much like a rat. But much friendlier...

...and much cuter!

Perth City
We finally made it to the WACA and although we didn't make it to a tour of the grounds, a nice wee security guard let us in to take some photos:

Check out the names on the scoreboard:

We saw the Perth Ferris Wheel thingy but didn't feel like paying $15 a pop for the ride. They also had a black VIP "bubble" with black tinted windows (you can just make it out in the pic) for about $120 - I wonder what a ride in that would entail?

Farewell to Freo
Thanks to our wonderful flatmates for letting us have a party to say goodbye.
Some of the work crew:
The Latino/a Crowd:

Our awesome chickens:

"What are you looking at?"

Dinner at the Mad Monk with Shona, Roberto, Bella and India:

Farewell to Lynda, Kevin, Tim, Alex and Abby - thanks so much guys for all your help with things while we were staying in Perth!!!

Last day at the Mad Monk:
Taste Test: Can he get them all right???

Cheeky Monkey Bella Boo:

Some great friends we will miss dearly - Shona, Roberto and Bella:

Manager Maxie:

We will definately miss the beer!

A sign on Brewer Jus's Window:

For the many beers we've shared, Seared Beef we've eaten, laughs we've had (and shenanigans at Jenna and Daves too many to mention!!) GOODBYE ALL!!!!!!!!!!!
We will miss you :-)

Stay tuned for adventures up the West Coast.


  1. Lee told me about the robbery. I was so shocked and upset for you. Losing photos is just awful. Glad to see the blogging and travelling continue. If you get to kurratha let me know and I'll give you my brothers number.

  2. Nice to see you guys are back on the road again. Awesome to see some photos - I bet you want ME to update our blog sometime! I'll get on it right away. Maybe.

    Mmmm, that picture of all the beers is making me thirsty.